365 Pause Practices – Day 174


Undoing to Find the Gift

Shared by Natalie, a Pause Crew Member

I had a nice conversation today with someone about my Pause practice
and how it has evolved over time.
As I reflected, I realized that it’s been an interesting journey so far.
I wanted to share it with you
because maybe you’ve had a similar experience.
In the beginning, I found Peace in Pausing.I also felt an “undoing” happening.
I experienced some difficulty
as I began to let go of my old way of thinking and doing.
Everything within me wanted to hold tightly to my old story,
my old way of reacting to things,
my old way of thinking and viewing the world around me (cubicle thinking!).
It was all I knew and it wasn’t easy to let it go.

But, I kept Pausing.

I put the Pause for Inspiration card
on my desk at work, in my purse, and in my car.
I found that Pausing was akin to putting one foot in front of the other.
If you keep doing it, you finally get somewhere.
Today, I have a fairly regular Pause practice.
The undoing isn’t completely undone,
but it has become less and less pronounced
and my Pause practice has become more and more
of a Peaceful Gift that I give to myself and others.

Every time I Pause,

I am giving myself the gift of a calm, quiet mind.
In that moment, I am also giving others
the gift of a calm response and interaction
that is truly helpful to us both.

When I Pause, my Inspired Self shows me the way out of cubicle thinking.

From page 159 in the Pause Golden Book:
“Make room for an experience with Inspiration Within.
Releasing your grasp on who you think you are,
who you’ve labeled yourself to be,
for better or for worse, is FREEING;
You are so much more than you think you are.
Inspiration is to be experienced in the moment.
Something within Shifts, Opens, Moves….
A gift is being offered – Welcome it”. 

Click on the card above to see the front & back of the card.
You may also wish to print or order it. 





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