365 Pause Practices – Day 175


Pausing With Grief

Grief is a unique thing. One never knows how it will appear, the shape it will take in the course of a typical day. Sudden crying spells, bursts of anger, numbness, deep sadness, or feeling disconnected from the people and activities in one once found joy, fulfillment, and laughter. One day you are lighthearted and the next filled with fear and anxiety.

Ungrieved Grief

Grief seems to have a life of its own, yet I must be willing to let that life live, let grief have its way with me so healing will find its way.

Mystery of Grief

Grief requires living with mystery, the mystery of a person being here one day
and not here the next. The mystery of who am I now? Who am I now
without this relationship, this career, this experience of loss?
Grief happens not only when someone passes on, but with a loss or change of
any kind. It can be sickness (yours or another’s), loss of a relationship or job, a
career change, retirement, finance changes, children growing up, aging parents, our own aging, world events, etc. 

Grief is an aspect of everyday life

After my mom passed seven years ago, I seemed fine for two years.
I was a caregiver for my mom, we spent a lot of time together, and
I thought, hmm, I guess I’m okay. Two years later the grief showed up. 
It would be months before I realized it was grief bubbling to the surface.
With it came the leftover grief of other past losses, changes, trauma,
and life circumstances.

Practicing Pause can help us move through grief
Arrive anew on the other side

Pausing to receive LOVE and letting LOVE love you can heal your wounds. Whether we hate, love, or have mixed emotions with memories good, bad, indifferent, and even traumatic, with the person who has passed on or the situation that has touched our lives,

receiving the LOVE that is truly LOVE is

the way through the numerous shapes of grief;

and it is through grief that one must move.

This is my experience.

The glory of it all is what is on the other side of grief . . .

and this you will want to discover, as it is a gift without measure.







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