365 Pause Practices – Day 177


Enjoy The Ride

in the midst of everyday life

As I sat down to create today’s Pause, before my fingers touched the keys I heard refreshing words inside the Quiet,
“Enjoy the ride.” 

Creative Flow is advising me ~ lol ~ to open to JOY and ride.
This can be easier said than done.
Now the Quiet speaks, “Yet, I am finding a way.”
Creative Flow has my attention:
“What part of you is telling you that life must be hard,
difficult, a constant barrage of effort? 
What part of you is dull-minded, lacking in creating?
What part of your heart is sinking?
To what are you lending your ears?
‘It ain’t easy to change at my age,’ the Quiet hears me think.

“What age is that Mary? LOLOLOLOL.
Do you truly believe that Creative Flow has somehow limited itself because of your age?”

“Listen to the Timeless while doing your time.”

~  ~  ~  

okay okay okay, Mary here.
Creative Flow has a point.
Creative Flow is beckoning us to enjoy the ride,
Creative Flow IS the Ride.
I know this Flow. This Flow is a pause away.
You have experienced this Flow, right?

The question is:
Am I willing to choose Creativity while living daily life?
Or, am I waiting for a vacation?
Then I’m on vacation and still, something is missing.

Such a simple choice.
Simpler than reacting to any aging
feeling, thought, sensation, belief, activity, or situation
bound in time!

Seconds before beginning this Pause post,
I chose to pause from a sensation of heaviness
in my body
and the heavy thoughts that accompanied it. 
I chose to pause and entered Timelessness. 

Creative Flow showed up in my awareness
sharing, “Enjoy the ride.”

I truly have not efforted in any way to create this post.

I am lighter

I am laughing

I am enjoying the ride

hop in





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