365 Pause Practices – Day 211


Bridging the Gap

between two minds

To perceive is “to interpret or look on (someone or something) in a particular way”.

Pausing Can Help Us
Perceive with Clarity
Wherever we are,
Whatever we are doing,
And Whomever we are with!

Do you ever experience that one part of your mind is leading this way while another part of your mind is leading that way?
It can be a mental hiccup
or it can become quite tormenting.

From the Pause Golden Book, pages 69-70:

“We may seem double-minded at times, when we vacillate between what is false and what is true; this is the double-mindedness that leads to doubt. “False” means disconnectedness from Inspiration and “True” is being joined with Inspiration. Inspiration is the spirit of love and truth available to us all.”

Practicing Pause offers us
a clear choice between the two.

“We need not be confounded any longer. We are free to choose either way of perceiving, but know that if you are confused, doubtful, and afraid, you have simply chosen the mind believing in disconnection. Thankfully, believing in disconnection does not make it true. It is, however, the cause of all dispiritedness.” 


“Inspiration within one’s Inspiring Heart∞Mind is the covered Bridge that takes us over the gap from perceiving disconnection to perceiving union in LOVE.”

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