365 Pause Practices – Day 212


Do you have decisions to make today? 

Pausing is a helpful thing
to do in the activities of everyday life.
Shared by Natalie

After the record-setting rainfall we had last week, my husband and I are faced with decisions about how to address our storm water drainage problems. We’ve put this off for far too long. I’ve already done my due diligence and gotten several estimates from different contractors, landscapers, drainage experts and the like.

Quite honestly my husband and I are conflicted about what is the best course of action to take, functionally and financially. Making a decision is better than not making a decision in my opinion,
but that approach causes anxiety for my husband.

I need to Pause within and ask for help
from my Inspired Self on this
because I do not know what to do.
I will patiently wait for direction to be given
as to how to proceed from here.

I will Listen.

Pausing and Listening is an action within itself.
I trust in Inspiration Within to provide the direction I need. 

From the Pause Golden Book Page 74:

“Inspiration Within enters your life
in a very practical, useful way.
Be willing to see that as you are making decisions,
moving through your daily routine
and engaging in your relationships,
this Inspired Self is right there with you.
It is whispering in your ear,
“Here I am”….”
…to read more,
see page 74
in the Pause Golden Book

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You may also wish to download or print it. 

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