365 Pause Practices – Day 213


Sunflowers need Nurturing & So Do We

Shared by Natalie

Yesterday, my husband and I went to experience the Sunflower Fields at Eckert’s in Belleville. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers and after our trip to Eckerts they are now my husbands’ favorite flowers as well. Seeing a single sunflower standing tall, with its face lifted to the sun is a gift in itself, but when you see a field of sunflowers at attention it is a breathtaking splendor to behold.

I Paused to take it all in and
to see what I could learn from a sunflower.

Their True Nature is to stand confidently tall….duly noted. 
With a little nurturing, they share their seeds (their fruit) with birds and other animals, and they share their nectar with the bees and other pollinators. They seem to give their Love and Abundance without question….again, duly noted. I see I can learn a lot from a sunflower.

In the Pause Golden Book, pages 346 – 351, we see how we can Nurture and Share Abundance by our own True Nature…..

“Nurturing is meeting and accepting one’s True Nature.
It is seeing beyond that which is easily seen by the body’s eyes,
to seeing that which is typically unseen, yet extraordinary.

Your True Nature is so beautiful
that to behold it is to embrace Life itself;
it is the breath that breathes Inspiration.

Imagine if in our relationships of all kinds, we devoted ourselves to nurturing one another’s True Nature. Ah, what gifts we would be and what gifts we would bring to one another in our everyday lives. Imagine if we were as devoted to our True Nature as we are to our cubicle nature. We would see the world differently. It would be a different world;

Comforting instead of attacking,
Embracing instead of pushing away,
Offering instead of taking,
Extending instead of withholding, and who knows,

Living instead of dying.

True Nature is simple, not complicated, and it is so within your reach that you cannot get away from it – no matter what.

It is with you Always and in All Ways.
Nurturing is meeting one’s True Nature
and saying “Yes”.”

Click on the Pause Golden Book above to download and read it. 





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