365 Pause Practices – Day 214


Your True Nature Is Beautiful . . . 

the flow of forgiveness in your daily life . . .

Today an inner pause brought a person, a situation, into my awareness. With this awareness came the clear Inspiration to reach out to that person now to apologize for my impatience. Immediately, I followed my inner guidance. 

Picking up the phone I called my friend and apologized for what I felt was impatience on my part. I could feel, without a doubt, that she forgave me and I was willing to receive forgiveness all in an instant! Interestingly, she forgave not with words, but rather with her welcoming, listening, and receptive presence.

Forgiveness was given and received in 
One Simultaneous Instant!
That’s love, the Love that loves us no matter what, and I am
transformed by it.
Not until this moment did I fully realize how essential
forgiveness is because of the peace and freedom it gives.

She didn’t have to think about it. She didn’t hem and haw. She didn’t make excuses for me by telling me that I didn’t need to apologize. My experience is that when we do that it can, though not always, keep everyone from benefiting from this moment that is ripe for forgiveness to transpire.

After our forgiveness instant, she paused to inquire, to gain understanding, and express compassion because she knew in her heart that something was up in my heart that caused my impatience. Somehow, our forgiveness experience dismantled the wall I was feeling between us.

With that wall gone, we were both able to drop our guard and share. I could now see the ego trigger for my impatience and she was free to see and share her experience as well. 

True forgiveness lifts guilt, blame, and shame off our hearts and souls setting us free from having to hide behind ego walls where unforgiveness has pitched its tent!

who lives in the pause by the way:
For what do you want to be forgiven?
For what are you willing to receive forgiveness?


Step Back from ego guilt, shame, and blame.

Step Aside and let your True Nature enter into your awareness.
Ask your True Nature for forgiveness; be specific.
Trust that your True Nature is Beautiful and responds effortlessly
to all calls for forgiveness, with LOVE, for LOVE IS
the relief of the burdens we carry,
the companion we truly desire,
the stream of innocence never lost through whose waters we now freely wade. Now, we can rest. 

A Forgiveness Practice ~
Receiving It ~ Giving It ~





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