365 Pause Practices – Day 215


To be effective, pause

To be efficient, pause

To be creative, pause

To be practical, pause

Are you challenged with not having enough time to pause?
As a little girl, annoyed with time, I remember saying to my mother,
“Who came up with this time thing anyway?”

Use This Practice for Peace of Mind
while things on your to-do list keep BUTTING IN LINE!

I felt overwhelmed this morning looking at the same things on my to-do list that I feel are super important to get done, yet I can’t seem to get them done because others things keep popping to the front of the line. I paused.
Maybe what I think is SO IMPORTANT is not meant to be #1 on my list.
Today, this is exactly what I am discovering. In stepping back from what I have convinced myself is #1, here is what took place:

  • I took quiet time to use the Peace of Mind Practice below
  • I received a new Pause Practice about Well~Being 
  • I verified an insurance and tax matter in a matter of a few minutes
  • A friend swung by and we unexpectedly nourished one another’s well~being! That took all of 5minutes ~ being present, listening, a hug, a smile
  • This post is being created and shared with thousands of people all over the world
  • My mind is at Peace
  • My heart is saying, “Thank you”
  • I am willing to practice Pause For My Peace of Mind for the rest of the day





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