365 Pause Practices – Day 216


In the Pause,
I See Myself Being Who I Am

Shared by Natalie

When someone asks, “how are you doing”, is your normal response to say “I’m fine”, “I’m good”, “I’m doing great” or something very similar, even when you’re maybe not doing fine, good or great? Mine, too!

Well, lately I’ve been Pausing to do internal check-ins with myself to ask, “how am I really doing right now, in this moment?” This has been helpful for me to respond from my True Self in all situations.

My Internal Wisdom has revealed to me how I perceive saying, “I’m not fine” as akin to weakness or vulnerability or negativity or being downtrodden. I’m not sure why I think I need to gloss over not being fine or why I need to be perpetually strong and resilient. We, as a society, really push this standard, I suppose.

When I Pause,
I realize I don’t have to do that anymore.
I can just be ME
through any and all facets of my life,
as there will be many.
It adds stress to my life
when I ignore how
I’m feeling in the moment
or when I’m unable
to share my experience when asked.

So, yesterday, when a friend asked how I was doing, I responded with my usual, “I’m doing fine, I’m great”, but then I felt a Pause within me and I added, “well, I’m feeling a little off today, actually, as I don’t think I slept very well”.

When I shared how I was feeling, the most wonderful and unexpected connection happened between us. It was like our Inspired Minds had become joined as one in that moment.
My Heart now Full of Love and Joy.
I am certain this moment would not have happened
had I just said that I was doing great
and been on my way.

I was Truly Grateful for this moment and it was just what I / we needed. Inner Wisdom always knows what is needed. When I’m Open and Willing to Listen and Follow this Wisdom. When I Trust Inner Wisdom, I can Welcome My True Self into everyday life.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 319:
“When you arise each day,
set your mind on your willingness
To Be Truly Helpful,
for this is welcoming your
Inspiring Heart & Mind
into your awareness, your day, your life. 
Throughout the day, welcome your Self again and again
simply by whispering YES to Inspiration Within.

Do you want to be your Inspired Self in relationships?
In any given moment say in your mind,
“I see my Self being who I am”.

As you accept who you truly are,
you are doing your part.
As you do your part,
others are Inspired to do their part.
You become an agent of Inspired Self-Acceptance.
Each person accepting, being, and doing their part.
And so, Love flows one-to-one.”





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