365 Pause Practices Day 256


Peace is Offered

By Natalie

We’ve all been there, something unexpected happens and we
experience a moment of Peace or a supreme lack of patience
in the moment….

  • The waiter spills your drink on you.
  • Your flight is delayed.
  • Your haircut is not what you asked for.
  • Your husband buys you a fishing pole for your birthday.
  • You don’t get the job, the promotion, or even credit for the project.
  • You wake up late and now you’re late, for everything.
  • The list goes on…

How hard is it sometimes to have Peace in the moment?

With a Pause, we CAN experience Peacefulness.

Our Inspired Selves naturally Love
and accept things as they are,
Letting Go
and Going with the Flow.
Inspiration Within brings Peace of Mind,
which is a gift of freedom for All.

Pause for Peace in the Moment.

Allow Inspiration Within to come into focus.

Remember you are LOVE and Loved.

Share this Love with yourself and others
to have Peace in the moment.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 165

Inspiration carries with it the quality of being still,

being alive, being fluid, and comforting.

Welcome Inspiration with your praise of This Love

and listen as Inspiration sings your praises.

Inspiration’s current flows through tears,

laughter, breath, body, and soul.

Its embrace is sure, its joy everlasting and its creations pure.

There is nothing that anyone can do

to cause Inspiration to stop Loving and sharing Peace.

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