365 Pause Practices Day 257


Static Cling, Grime, Goop & Gossip

Shared by Mary

The past can cling to us like static cling! Have you ever been having a perfectly
fine day and then someone comes along and brings up something from your
, a mistake, a misfortune, a poor decision, an error in judgment, and
suddenly you feel like the past is clinging to you like static cling? 

Where’s the Bounce? Get this off of me!!!

I was in a conversation with someone and before I knew it the conversation
had taken a seriously unhelpful turn.
 Talk about a blind spot! Once this person
began mentioning names of individuals with whom I had done some serious
forgiveness work around (or so I thought), the grime, goop, and gossip came
forth like a volcanic eruption. 

How did I let this happen?

Seconds before entering into this conversation I heard My Helpful Self-thinking
in the pause of my mind, “Mary, you need some quiet time.” BUT, instead of
venturing with my cup of MUD/WTR (coffee substitute) in hand to a comfy
chair for a morning pause, I followed my ego’s voice rushing me to, “Oh, just
go talk to this person, and then you can grab some quiet.” So, off I go in total
defiance of the voice of My Helpful Self and all I can say is that the rest of my day was crap! 

Undoing Static Cling!

I choose to Pause with My Helpful Self. I admit I caused the crap by following
the cubicle self in its cubicle maze. I humble my cubicle self, who participated
in the crap, to My Helpful Self who shows me:

> Exactly how I stepped into the crap.

> How I need to take responsibility for causing my part of the crap.

> How I can step out of the crap.

> What I can learn from all this crap.

> Keep pausing . . . there’s more.

> How to let LOVE love me which releases the static cling which is
GUILT that I laid upon myself and others.

> RECEIVE what is being unearthed in me because I am willing to
truly be present with inner Wisdom for healing around the past

Late that night, I received perhaps the most encouraging and wisest
Inspiration I have ever received. An answer to a lifelong question as to what is
my true purpose and my wondering if I am being Truly Helpful to myself and
others in this life

Are you dealing with static cling?

Are you willing to receive the Wise Inspiration that is yours?





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