365 Pause Practices Day 264


Thank you for following our journey of
supplying a daily Pause to everyone.

So far you have heard from Mary, Natalie, and Lisa, and we
really don’t want you to rely only on our experiences.
So, we are sharing how others have applied the
Practical Pause Practice in their life ~ in their own words:

“… My daily work routine is building and supporting data flows
between hospital systems in the daytime, playing tennis, pickleball,
shooting pool, or just hanging out with friends in the evenings.

Work or play, if I remember to Pause and get out of my own way, and go
with inspired guidance, then the experience will be more enjoyable for
everyone involved. And I will perform way beyond
what used to be my normal.”
Joe S.

“I frequently give Pause for Inspiration cards to my psychotherapy clients. They
often report it helps them find their own source of wisdom.”
Steve F. MSW, LCSW

“Whenever I play matches, Pause brings me better shot selection. My serves
are better. It’s a really good way to make the right decision at the right moment. 
I use it to reorganize in my head to get ready for the next move.”
Jesus B., Professional Tennis Player, and Instructor

Are you willing to apply the Pause Practice in your daily life…
it can help with ANYTHING!

For more testimonials ~ visit our website: PauseForInspiration.org.
As always, we love hearing from you! 

Please, let us know about your Pause experience!
Happy Pausing!

Lisa H.
Pause Crew Member

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