365 Pause Practices Day 269


Two Pauses With 2 Young Boys!

Sharing by Mary

What’s Unwise In This Photo?

A Conversation with a Teen Boy at a Red Light. Driving with the
windows down, the wind blowing through my hair, and loving this beautiful autumn
day! Coming up to a stoplight I see a teenage boy loving his day too as he masters
his skateboard groove weaving in and out. Wow, how cool to watch. Then I see his
helmet NOT on his head, but hanging by his fingertips!!!

I pause as we sit side-by-side at the red light. Listening to my inner Wisdom, the
thought skateboards into my mind, “Share with him about wearing his helmet.” Hmm.
Dare I speak up? This kid isn’t going to listen to some old woman, a stranger at that,
telling him what to do! Then, without thinking about it a moment longer, just going with
my inner Wisdom


 “Wow, that’s really cool, you’ve got that skateboarding mastered!” He looks at me
with a smile quite happy with his skateboarding expertise, saying, “Thanks”!
I respond, “You know, just one thing. I’m an occupational therapist and I’ve worked with
a lot of people with head injuries, and, you don’t want a head injury, it can ruin your
life. So, how about wearing your helmet?” Shrugging his shoulders cueing he’s heard
this message before, he says, “Oh, I know, I know” and puts on his helmet. I say to
him with a smile, “Thanks, and have fun!” 

Am I On Helmet Patrol This Week !!!?

On my morning walk a young boy on his
bike maybe 10 years old wearing his
helmet, enters through the gate, gets off his
bike, takes off his helmet, puts it in his
backpack, and gets back on his bike. Out of
his parent’s site I imagine and about to ride
up into the school parking lot.

As I walk past him, I share the same
wisdom with him and he heaves a sigh
saying, “I know, I know” and puts his helmet
back on!!! LOLOLOL

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The Pause Crew has met face-to-face with many teens over the years. At first, they may resist The Pause, but eventually, they change their minds expressing gratitude that someone cared enough to
Pause with them!





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