365 Pause Practices Day 286


Who Is Pause For Inspiration For?

Everyone and Anyone.

Shared by Natalie

On a recent business trip that I went on with my husband, I found myself
listening to Inner Wisdom on several occasions. I will share two of these
moments with you:

I GOT LOST! I found myself using the Pause Practice in my mind when I
got turned around and lost while on a run one morning. Inner Wisdom
reminded me that I had GPS on my phone! DUH! That may seem so obvious,
but my brain short circuited a little when I began feeling lost in an unfamiliar
place. Pausing really helped me quiet my mind in that moment, so that 
Inspiration could HELP me out of my limited cubicle thinking!

–    LOVE SHARED. When I’m out of town, I typically leave a note and a tip on
the bed for the hotel housekeeping staff. They work hard and I know first-
hand because I did that job when I was 16 years old. On this particular trip, I
felt the nudge from Inner Wisdom to leave a Pause for Love card as well.
My Inner Inspiration reminded me that the card will do its work, my only part
is to share it. 

Pause for Inspiration is a Practical Practice
that is for Everyone and Anyone
and can be useful in all kinds of
real-life situations.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 6:

Pause For Inspiration is for one wanting to be drawn out of and beyond
the limited nature of the cubicle self — limited because its false nature
does not know you — limited because in its unknowing it is
undermining what is possible for your life. More than that it is keeping
you unaware of the Life of LOVE living inside of you — NOW.

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