365 Pause Practices Day 294


Pause Golden Book pages 173-174

Inspiration extends compassion, meaning it has a desire to help.
It helps us by walking with us as a Dear Friend and reminding us of
true compassion; our desire to love, to be loved, and to experience love

Shared by Lisa

The other day I had a tree cut down and ended up with a squirrel
nest that had babies inside! As I started to freak out about
what to do with the baby squirrels, I paused.

I paused and asked for help with what to do –
leave them or intervene further. My Inner Wisdom was quick
to suggest contacting an expert and seeking their advice
and not wasting time researching what to do!
[which is exactly what my cubicle mind wanted to do! lol]

I contacted several wildlife rescues and was told that baby
squirrels with their eyes still closed cannot regulate their
body temperature and can die from hypothermia. So, I dug
through the nest and found two babies: eyes closed,
mostly furred, not too warm or active, but healthy looking.

Okay, now what?

I paused again and heard to take them to a professional for
evaluation. I did and it turns out the momma squirrel was
doing an excellent job – they were healthy. With the goal of
reuniting the family, I wrapped the babies in a towel with warmers
underneath and placed them in a box at the base of the tree.

I checked on the babies every half hour that morning and well
into the afternoon. At the midafternoon check, I saw a corner of the
towel that was covering the babies was a little disturbed and upon
further investigation, I found the box was empty! The momma had
found her babies, accepted them, and relocated them safely!

I am so glad I PAUSED and FOLLOWED my Inner Wisdom!

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