365 Pause Practices Day 308


I Need More than a Crowbar

~ I Need to Pause! ~

A Story Shared by Myron, a person Practicing the Pause.

Recently, I was helping my brother take apart a stand
he had made years ago for his BBQ grill. It was a beautiful, heavy-duty
stand made with 2×4 boards, plywood on all four sides and had screws
throughout holding it all together.

Taking the stand apart was no small feat. It was held together well
and wasn’t coming apart easily even though I was using
a crowbar to disassemble it! I struggled and fought with it
for quite some time and only got the sides taken off,
so I decided to sit down and rest, tired and frustrated.
As I sat there, I remembered I can Pause! 

I began Pausing my mind.
I took a couple deep breaths,
quieting my mind,
and relaxing in that moment.

I Paused for a little while and assessed my work.
When I began again, the boards were still set quite firmly in place,
but as I worked slowly and more deliberately,
they started to come apart much easier.
It was like Inner Wisdom showed me exactly
where to place my crowbar so that it would be most helpful.
I was finally able to get the BBQ grill apart!

After Pausing, I realized
that I didn’t have to continue stumbling.
I got out of my own way!
It was great!
I’m grateful for remembering
to Pause in this moment!

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Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 166:

Inspiration is Effortless
and in being so
is much more productive
than cubicle efforting.

Cubicle efforting is fatiguing
because it is all about control.

Inspiration’s effortless strength
is sustaining
because it isn’t fighting.
This does not mean
that we don’t work – it does mean
that we allow
Inspiration to work with us





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