365 Pause Practices Day 309


Saturday Evening Pause

Wrestling With LOVE

sharing & photo by mary

What does it mean to wrestle with LOVE? It is to enter into a relationship
with This LOVE ~ Getting to know This LOVE. Who is This LOVE?
What is This LOVE? What does This LOVE have to do with you,
your relationships and your life and the world?


There will come a time in your life when you will want to know
who you truly are. LOVE has the answer to that question ~
it is freely given you.
You will not be willing to receive that answer without putting
up a fight. Herein is the true transformation through LOVE.

the question is this

If a child is having a nightmare, do you lock them inside their room
to bear the nightmare alone or do you enter with the strong hand
of LOVE to calm the fear?
When you enter with LOVE a whole battalion enters with LOVE.
When you enter with fear, you enter alone.
Which is stronger?

Inspiration Within has the answers. We have to choose to
ask the questions, listen, and follow.

The choice is always ours.
Let Inspiration Guide.
Pause Golden Book, pages 36 ~ 37

A Practice In Love

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