365 Pause Practices Day 313


Moving the Needle

“to shift the situation in some area, activity, sphere, etc. to a
noticeable degree”
Sharing by Mary

Are you looking for a helpful inner~outer helpful shift of some kind?
Perhaps ? ? ?

> Valuable ways to spend your time
> Being merciful with a person who doesn’t seem to deserve mercy
> Stepping out of your comfort zone
> Moving from strife to PEACE of MIND

As you pause, step back, and allow a shift into your Inspired Mind,
what inner and outer shifts are you sensing
that could be truly beneficial for you,
and possibly others as well?

Infinite ways to apply PAUSE.
Cooking to Calming to Creating to Collaborating!
I now know without a doubt that Practicing Pause IS
Moving the Needle in subtle ways. Incremental shifts in my
perception are creating significant valuable changes in how I live my life.

Practicing Pause in Your Daily Life Moves the Needle
away from the cubicle heart-mindset and
towards your Inspired Heart~Mind.

* I see things about myself that maybe I’d rather not see but need to see,
and I see incredible, beautiful, and deeply amazing things within my
True Self that it’s high time I see.

** Allowing myself to feel what I’m feeling so I don’t drop unfelt feelings
into some unsuspecting person’s lap (anger, irritability, frustration).

*** I am moved into action, literally. My body moves into meaningful
action. I speak up and take small steps that Move The Needle in a
purposeful, helpful way with my HEALTH, in RELATIONSHIPS, etc.

**** I am practicing setting down perceptions and behaviors that no longer serve.

~ Now, LOVE can flow more easily ~ In here, Out there ~

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