365 Pause Practices Day 322


Today and everyday

Shared by Lisa

Today I decided to Pause and review how I want my day to go
and how I am going to reply to those I encounter and
interact with today.

Instead of replying automatically to emails and texts right
after reading them, I am going to Pause and ask
for another way to reply.

Instead of replying with canned answers, I am going
to get out of my own way and listen to My Inner Wisdom
for guidance on how to reply in a helpful manner.

Instead of looking upon this day as just another day “to get
through”, I am going to follow my Inspiration Within and
let the day unfold in a peaceful and helpful way.

There is nothing that I cannot apply the Pause Practice to – so I am applying it to my entire day!

Pause Golden Book page 96

Today is your day
And it does not end here.
While in your Inspired Mind
The horizon becomes clear.
Being present in this moment
There is no past to fear,
Inspiration’s Presence in this moment
Is also in your future, dear friends.

So, Pause, Step back, Step aside too, And Let Inspiration Guide. 

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