365 Pause Practices Day 324


Inspired Hair Care Program

Shared by Natalie

I haven’t had my hair professionally cut, colored, & styled in almost 12 years. I’ve
been doing it myself, but I have really missed the self-care of going to a salon.
Highlighting my hair and trying to cut it evenly has been a challenge to do on my own.

After Pausing on this decision for about a month, I heard from Inspiration Within
to go to the Spa at my full-service gym. I attempted to make an appointment
on their fitness app, but I noticed that I was looking at the profiles of two stylists
and judging their ability to be sensitive to my needs based on their appearances.
Knowing this was NOT HELPFUL, I decided that I needed to Pause some more!!

The next time I went to the gym, I was guided by Inspiration Within to stop into
the salon and talk with them about an appointment. I spoke with the
manager who knew exactly which stylist I needed to see
and we set up an appointment for the same day!

And guess what? I enjoyed every aspect of the appointment and I
also loved the stylist. The whole experience was Truly Amazing.

I’m so glad I Paused and then Paused again!!

Inspiration Within is Infinitely Flowing,
whether I’m aware of it or not.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 87:
Inspiration flows freely through
the Inspiring Self Hearts and Minds of ALL —
we need only pay attention.

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