365 Pause Practices Day 330



Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 34:

Slow down. Listening to the voice watching the clock
telling you to hurry up?
Hmm. Start with slowing down.
Even in the midst of body motion the mind can slow down,
pause, and be still. The body will often follow.
Even deciding to slow down your body motion
is the decision to stop valuing being in a hurry.

Slow down my dear friend.

Shared by Natalie

The holidays are upon us and with that comes a quicker pace,
my mind racing through all the details for the activities we have planned with
family and friends. Some nights, while I lay in bed,
I Pause every moment so that I can simply fall asleep.

Pausing is so Helpful
to calm my mind, help me to slow down,
and to enjoy Peace in the Present moment!

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