Touching In – Pause in 2023 – Pausing While Working Saves The Day!


Pausing While Working – Saves The Day!

Shared by Lisa

I had a Pause moment while working on
acknowledgment letters to our donors who contributed
electronically. I had the list of emails that were entered
by the donors on their contribution forms and I was
constructing emails to each person. As I was typing
in an email address, there was something about the
address that had my Inner Wisdom on alert.

When I realized that my cubicle mind was in auto-drive and
wanting to plow through the list and move on to the next task,
I Paused ~ Stepped Back from everything and followed my
Inner Wisdom. I looked up the person’s email in my contact list
and found a typo in the email they had entered. I corrected the
address on my acknowledgment email, sent it, and
felt a sense of relief that I was able to circumvent a mistake that
would have impacted more than just my time. Had I not Paused, the email
would have gone to wherever it is that emails with wrong
addresses go. But more importantly, the donor would not
have received their acknowledgment letter for their taxes!

It took mere seconds for me to verify the address
and I am SO happy I Paused For My Inner Wisdom!

This Pause saved my day … and the donor’s day too!

Pause Golden Book page 24


Open how? Pause. Pausing is opening. You may
hear a lot about being open, opening ourselves up etc.
The cubicle self does not know how to truly open. It is
closed for business when it comes to opening to
Inspiration! Be opened and open.

Inspiration Within sees all that needs to be
seen and helps you see it too. Even if your vision
is not so clear just yet after opening to Inspiration’s help,
you have been Given an inner flashlight, your Inspired
Heart∞Mind, to lead you through the darkness.

This is the Heart∞Mind with the light on.




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