Touching In – Pause in 2023 – Who Do You Love? – Show me how to love


Who Do You LOVE?

LOVE Shows Us How to Love ~ If We Ask

LOVE is practical and mystical, wise and street smart, still and on the
move, here now and here later, in chaos and in peace, in suffering
and in joy, no matter what ~ that’s how LOVE IS LOVE.

There is nowhere LOVE IS not. There is no one LOVE does not Love.

How Do We Lose Our Way When It Comes To LOVE?

I am using a ONE~LINE PRACTICE that is helping me learn how to love
myself truly. Loving myself does not at all mean what I thought it did.
This practice is infusing PEACE of MIND.

Practicing Loving Yourself?

What does that even mean?
READ LOVE’s answer to my question below.

So I’m having a sleepless night and no amount of Melatonin gummies are kicking in! My experience with the cashier at Whole Foods that afternoon floats into my mind. If she moved any slower, I was going to put my food back. Finally, we meet! I started bagging my groceries because that’s what I do and because in a pause I heard that helping her would help me to stop judging her and the situation. It worked! She looks at me gently saying, “Thank you for helping me.” In an instant, I shifted from judging her and thinking I knew what kind of person she was based on her appearance and unhurried pace, to seeing LOVE in her. As she looked at me, I felt LOVED. My whole state of mind changed.

What one pause can do!

Sleepless hours stagger by and I realize I
am awake for a reason. I ask
Inner Present LOVE, “Why are you keeping me awake? What message do you have for me?”


You are having trouble sleeping
because you are struggling with loving
people lately and loving yourself.

RELAX with this ~

~ PRACTICE Letting LOVE ~ love you
so that you can

~ PRACTICE Truly Loving Yourself so
that you can

~ PRACTICE Truly Loving Others in
which you will realize you are LOVED.

Ask LOVE throughout the day,

“Show me how to PRACTICE LOVING MYSELF right now.”


        ~ Receiving This LOVE that is The LOVE is essential to loving.

        ~ Loving myself organizes my day, reveals what’s important, creates PEACE within, and GIVES ME A SENSE OF PURPOSE.


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