Touching In – Bring Joy



even amid suffering

Mary Shares



I pause. Compassion drives me to ask This Indwelling LOVE, “How can I help?” Do you ever wonder, “What can I do to help the suffering?”

I cannot dash to every corner of the world nor to each and every heart and mind. Yet, there is a LOVE who loves us all, a totality of PEACE that is fully present to everyone, everywhere. PEACE WITHIN. I know this through direct experience. So, I begin to practice “Pause For LOVE” while watching the program. This is important. I don’t need to turn off the tv attempting to ignore or run away from the suffering. After all, some part of me is suffering too, and seeing their suffering shows me my suffering. I can choose to be with suffering.

I receive an answer to “How can I help?”

Bring JOY.
Be joyful in your everyday life.

On one hand, this answer is bewildering. Is that denying suffering? Can I be joyful when I and others are suffering? As I make breakfast, and be with “Bring JOY”, I notice JOY rising up within. As I am willing to receive JOY, this JOY is being shared with others because this one and the same JOY is dwelling within us all. It’s recognizable when I pause.

JOY is knocking on all of our hearts.

As I open my heart to JOY, I realize I have JOY to give, and as I give it, I receive it. As others receive it, they now realize they too have JOY to give. A circle of giving and receiving JOY.

We can choose to be living expressions of JOY
in our ordinary lives.
JOY is our inner strength.


That instant the doorbell rings. There stands a tall, slender black man bringing JOY with his smile as he delivers an envelope we’ve been expecting. I invite him in as John goes to grab a gratuity for him and I scurry over to the drawer of PAUSE supplies and share the Pause Practice cards and books with him. He is delighted. “I’m Thomas,” he says. As we chat, he clearly resonates with PAUSE sharing, “Yes, I’m working on getting my mind right. I’m just starting a new business and this will help. I may call you because I am looking for a mentor.” Thomas and I were BRINGING JOY to one another for sure! That evening Thomas emailed saying he began reading the Pause Golden Book!





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