Touching In – The Healing Power of Pause


The Healing Power of Pause

Imagine, within you is a Healer.

Shared from the Pause Golden
Book, Page 56:

You need healing, am I right?
You know I am right. This life you
have been planning and
worrying about, needs healing.

Healing is the business
of Inspiration Within. Let
Inspiration do the job.

Bring on your life. What is
unhealed? This experience of
“being-parted” will show up
sooner or later in your
relationships, job, daily
activities, health,
circumstances, situations – in
the business of everyday life. So,
to address the healing needed
in these areas, it is best to
address the underlying,
pervasive, often unconscious,
experience of disconnection
in your mind, from Love, and
from your True Self.

Shared by Natalie

Sometimes we think we don’t
need healing. We think, “the
pain of the past is in the past,
right? Why would we give
traction to it by bringing it
forward into the present?”

Then I started the Pause
Practice and something
unexpected happened. I was
faced with a decision, a
choice, to face my past right
here, in the present moment.

A Healing Journey began and is
steering me toward a much-
needed change in perception
about my past, to forgiveness,
to seeing the bigger picture,
and to experiencing Love and
Connection with family in a
new and Inspired way.

I’m grateful to the Pause
Practice for opening my
heart and mind to experiencing my
True Inspired Self.
<< Safe, Healed, and Whole >>

You need Love’s Help with everything
if you want the Healing Peace
that only Love gives.

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