Touching In – The Mind With The Light On


May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Communications, Relationships, Activities, Situations, and
Circumstances are all opportunities in our everyday lives to
Practice The Pause
Experience Your Mind With the LIGHT ON . . . PEACE.

Sharing by Mary

I stepped out of
being locked in!

Pause For Your Mind Health?

As one who has experienced challenges with my mental
health – anxiety and depression – I know firsthand what it is.
I imagine many of you may also know what it is. Contrary to
false understanding, mental health issues go deeper than
“having a bad day” and are not resolved by sweeping inner
conflict under the rug. They present themselves in myriad
ways so we may not recognize what’s going on.

In my case, the core of the entire system on which I had based my identity proved to be unreliable. Unreliable because it was based on false ideas about LOVE and who I thought I had to be and what I had
to accomplish in this world to truly be loved by LOVE itself and others.
It was a false identity that bred false expectations of myself and others.

Since childhood, I have always been aware of a Wise Inner Knowing guiding me in everyday life, but it didn’t line up with the way the world seemed to operate. I decided early on to keep this Inner Knowing to myself, hence living with one foot in one world and
one foot in another. Don’t worry, it gets better!

One night about 30 years ago going through an unexpected “life crisis”,
I had a dream in which I was locked in a room, but had given
someone else in my life the key that unlocks the door to get out,
but that person had given someone else the key and that person
was nowhere to be found. Filled with fear that I couldn’t exit the
locked room, I began banging on the wall to knock it down only
to discover it was made of paper mache. I stepped out of being
locked in. My inner Voice of LOVE spoke to me,
“See Mary, you had the key all along.”

The Pause Practices ~ a way to find your key





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