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Photo by Mary. Chihuly at Missouri Botanical Gardens

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ON THE INSIDE OF LOVE. I have experienced the Presence of an All-Encompassing LOVE in my life, but today rather than simply being aware of LOVE’s presence within me or in the atmosphere, I experienced being ON THE INSIDE OF LOVE. These words were literally spoken in my mind during the experience. No absence of LOVE. No separation from LOVE. No exclusions. Only comfort and abiding PEACE.

Today someone reached out asking for help. This person was struggling with pain in their body and was upset over increasing body stuff. Before agreeing to see this person asap as requested, I paused. I received the go-ahead from Inner Wisdom with a direct and strong reminder to Practice The Pause during our time together. That I did.

Throughout our connecting, I consistently paused and stepped back from thinking I knew what to think, say, and do. In my mind, I quietly spoke words to open my awareness to Inspiration’s presence and moment-by-moment guidance. Saying, “Come Inspiration. I am willing to be Led. We open our hearts and minds to receiving healing. I give my heart, mind, hands, and voice to LOVE. Thank you. Peace be with you.” At one point, the person spoke through the silence, “I am so grateful.”

At some point, I felt as if we became instruments ON THE INSIDE OF LOVE. A song was creating and playing itself simultaneously. I smiled. I felt at Home, at Peace. . on the inside of LOVE.

Had I not paused for Inspiration’s help we would have both missed out on SOMETHING WONDERFUL! The person exclaimed afterward, “That was amazing!” I am immensely grateful that we were both willing to receive This LOVE that heals and for following its FLOW.

Have you noticed how ordinary daily life experiences become extraordinary when you Pause, Get Out of Your Own Way, Open to Receiving your Inner Wisdom, and Let Wisdom Guide? Whether you experience inner calm, less reacting, and more Awareness-oriented responding, or get a peek behind the veil out of the shadows and into the light, IT’S ALL GRACE paired with YOUR WILLINGNESS TO RECEIVE. It’s worth a pause.

The ego default mode is

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Wisdom guides me through words and inner promptings, inner and outer nudges, and I am even given visual images in my mind which show me exactly how to proceed.

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