Touching In – Truly Loving Myself


How Can I Truly Love Myself and Love Others?

Sharing by Mary

This morning I saw a horrific story on the news.
The hate literally brought me to my knees.
Feeling the weight of hate, fear, evil, and injustice
my heart turned to LOVE.

Trusting LOVE is a Practice.

Receiving LOVE and Letting LOVE love you

If you hate someone or some situation,
give Me your hate thoughts for they are illusions.
I do not need your illusions for they are nothing to Me,
but they are everything to you.
In giving them over to LOVE you will experience
that is Everything.
Have mercy on those you hate and fear
because in your mercy you will see their predicament
and yours as well; hating and fearing.
Give mercy and LOVE will show mercy on you.
The transition from fear to PEACE can be rough
as the ego-self is sure to resist.
The ego feels alone and afraid, yet who is this self but some
made-up defense against LOVE ~ a defense clothed in shame in need of
your mercy, not your fear, not your wrath.
You are not alone, but you think you are,
and that is your greatest fear.
Pause for LOVE my dear for LOVE is always with you.
An Unceasing, Unwavering LOVE that
does not require your understanding or belief.
Receive This LOVE, my friend.
Pause, breathe, and
Let This LOVE love you ~ now.
This LOVE relies on your willingness to Receive its LOVE.
Only then is This LOVE all LOVE is meant to be.
Only then does this life have meaning.
Let This LOVE be your sustenance
so you can stop scrounging through that which is not worthy of you.
Let This LOVE love you, so you can now love.
Not as the world “loves” but as LOVE loves.
It’s not only possible, it is the only way to Truly Love.
. . . and yet still, This LOVE is not a mere thought to be analyzed,
discussed, and studied. This LOVE is a Practice.
So, Practice The Pause!

As I Truly Receive LOVE and Truly Let LOVE love me,
I am Truly Loving Others
and Loving Myself.

It’s a Practice ~ And Here It Is > > >





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