Touching In – An Unexpected Bridge – One Wild Ride


Pause for an Unexpected Bridge

Sharing by Mary ~

July 16th is my birthday ~ Here is my Gift to you

My True Self showed up in a dream the other night and led me on a wild ride. The dream’s colors were immaculately
vibrant and organized with True Perfection rhythmically splattered yet eternally coherent. Not the ego’s version of perfection.

Walking through the forest of colors I noticed an unusually shaped being ahead of me. It stood out even among the colors.
Somehow it was without color though quite distinct. What drew my attention was that this being clearly knew the way to Peace.
As I focused and followed, our pace grew faster and I feared losing my footing and falling into the abyss below. But I inherently
knew and trusted the being ahead so I kept following. I wanted to follow. I wanted to follow because I knew that being was my
True Self beckoning me to follow. I had not an ounce of doubt.

We were on a wild ride now and I was astonished as I looked down only to see that with each step I took, as I put my foot out ‘
in front of me there was no bridge over the abyss below, but one wooden slat appeared beneath me. A bridge was literally
being created slat by slat with every step I took just in time to catch me and provide footing. Yet, I couldn’t see a bridge
ahead of me. As I trusted my True Self, I could only see my True Self and we were on an exhilarating, colorful ride
~ no worry, no fear ~ total freedom.

When I awoke, the message from my True Self was clear:
I can give up worrying.
As I am willing to pause and focus on my True Self,
I can trust that as I step forward one step at a time
I am being provided for.
I need not know the way,
the Way Knows.

How to Know Who You Are

Worrying or overthinking or controlling is a mirage that keeps me bound to my false self not to mention exhaustion and missing out on living who I am in everyday life! Worry is a retaliation against the fear that I myself made. Trying to manage fear!

Your True Self is a bridge created by LOVE.

LOVE IS the absolute assurance that you have a True Self. Your True Self is the absolute assurance of LOVE.

I am willing to replace the practice of worry in the moment with

Pausing for my True Self which is always

Truly Helpful ~

wherever I am,
whatever I am doing,
whomever I am with.
(enjoy the ride)

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