Touching In – When the Way Is Not Yet Clear – Touching In


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When the way is not yet clear

Sharing by Mary ~

being with your inner experience

a feeling stays present, wise words within shed light yielding new sight, butterflies
flutter in your belly, a faint darkness clings, a pulling sensation, the calling you have
heard before is calling again,
heaviness in the atmosphere, sensing something new is on the horizon,
the voice rests, resistance paired with a longing to follow, a call to create . . .

What are your inner experiences saying to you?

What are you experiencing now? Would you say that you are receiving
what you are experiencing, pushing it away, or perhaps pretending it’s not
happening? I am learning that if I am quick to assess what I think an inner
experience is conveying, I can miss out on the truly helpful guidance that is being given.

Right now, as I pause my mind, I am aware of an inner
sensation, a deep pulling even yearning of some kind. Have you ever
observed a similar experience within you? An inner motion beckoning you? What
did you do, or not do? Something is rising to the surface to be known but what?
(and no it’s not what you ate for lunch!)

The experience itself is not urging me to try and figure it out,
analyze it, or inquire about some inner mysterious message.
All that effort could thwart the unfolding, or
at least my awareness of what is unfolding.
Rather, I am guided to wait.
To simply be with that which is.
No effort.

This isn’t so easy because a part of me wants to know the meaning
of this experience now. The who, what, where, and when. I want to DO
something about it. The cubicle mind wants to start planning, to
take outer action. Yet, I am drawn to be with the inner action.

I am aware that I am to continue pausing.

A deep flame is holding an inner vigil.
Inner Wisdom guides me to simply be with
my inner experience. And so, I am.

Experiences such as these are incredible
gifts not to be ignored
or brushed aside, nor are they
forced upon you.

Nuggets of Wisdom will be revealed to you
that speak directly to your
daily life experiences and quandaries ~ in
your willingness to
Pause and Be With Your Inner Experience






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