Touching In – Certainty of Purpose


Mary Shares

“Trust what is unseen in this moment and you will someday rejoice
in what you see.” Pause Golden Book p. 21

What do you tend to choose? Left to my own devices I tend to choose
doing over resting. When I received Pause For Inspiration in 2009, I knew Pause
was my Inner Knowing teaching me that:

It is not only okay to rest, rest is essential.
It is essential to Pause for Rest.
Resting in the pause can be short, long, quick, or sustained.
Pausing of one’s mind and/or body gives space for creating.

Creating is the practice of trusting what is unseen and unheard and
following its movements even though I don’t know where they may lead.

This moment is an opportunity to wait for the unseen, the unheard, to be revealed. Even while
going about one’s daily life.

How can we trust that which is unseen and unheard?
Why trust such things?
It is my experience that as I am willing to PRACTICE PAUSING for Inspiration, Inner
Wisdom, and Peace of Mind, I build trust in these because they prove to be
invaluable and even practical. Everyday life is more meaningful.
Peace of mind becomes my purpose.

Certainty is what I find in The Pause.

In a pause, I may hear words of Wisdom that I know I can trust. Wisdom enters through
my thoughts and in my own voice. It is not separate from who I am; not “other”. I see in
my mind how to proceed, how to go about a task, or what direction to move in, or not. I
may not want to accept my Inner Wisdom initially because it is often such a
turnaround from my habitual way of perceiving, but even so, I trust the Wisdom
because the
sound of it rings true.

The SOUND of Certainty is distinct.
Whereas the ego is trying to sound wise, if I step back and listen
closely, it won’t be long before I notice I am being pulled into
ways of perceiving, thinking, talking, and doing that are unwise.
The cubicle heart÷mind is quite the trickster.

In a pause, one can hear sounds never heard before.
In graduate school studying for a Neuroscience exam, I decided to pause for
rest. I began hearing the sound of a complete symphony being created in my
mind moment by moment.
I was hearing fantastic sounds I never heard before.
I felt I was hearing the sound of creation creating.

Today I was telling myself that I had NO INSPIRATION to write and share with you.
I decided to practice what I share and so I practiced Pause For LOVE.
Look what showed up!

What’s the point?

When one is willing to Pause For Love, one may see the unseen
and hear the unheard and learn to trust that what is being shared
truly productive versus busyness as a disguise for meaning.

What is the Pause For LOVE Practice?


While I was practicing Pause For LOVE,
I heard the words of Inner Present LOVE in my mind,

“There’s never been a time that I didn’t love you.”





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