Touching In – Adventure Awaits


Anxiety or Enthusiasm ~ which to choose?

Sharing by Natalie


Anytime I do something new I’m faced with a choice… get carried away
with anxiety or lean into the adventure and enthusiasm?

Whether it’s a trip out of the country, a physical fitness challenge, a new
personal growth habit I want to develop, a speaking class, buying a new
house, adopting a pet, or starting a new job I’m faced with a decision.

Choosing to channel my energy into enthusiasm might not be automatic,
but it is my preference, so I turn to the
Pause Practice, which is always helpful.

I’ll admit, lately I’ve been feeling
a mixture of enthusiasm and anxious
anticipation of what is to come…

~ I’m enthusiastic because I’m
contributing a chapter in an anthology
that will be published on October 5th.


~ I’m experiencing anxious anticipation
because the story I’m telling has not
been shared with many people.
Oh my…

In my chapter, I share about an experience I had as a child that left me feeling
traumatized and I provide the steps I took to heal years later.

My journey toward healing started with a Pause.

After using the Pause Practice, I was finally able to experience my calm quiet mind and begin to hear my true inner wisdom providing love and supportive guidance.

I became open to healing my heart.

I followed the guidance that organically showed up in my Pausing and I began
to experience true peace, clarity, and healing for the first time in my life.

What a joyous freedom ride this has been! Weeee!

I write this as a reminder to myself to choose growth, adventure, and the
enthusiasm this brings over the anxiety trip of worry and stress.

I can ask inner wisdom at any time, “What would be truly helpful right now?”

Then, I can rest and listen for guidance that is always safe, kind, wise, and truly helpful.

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