Touching In – Am I Living In the Truth?


Sharing by Mary

As I watched the violent images and listened to the sounds of pain,

I too fell into suffering and felt the stab of darkness
which can so easily consume. So, I am left wondering,
“Am I living in the truth?”
How about you? Are you living in the truth?

This is not denial ~ I have never been one for denial

~ denial does not heal ~
turning our back on darkness is not the solution

~ Turning our face, mind, heart, and body

towards the LIGHT IS


When darkness appears to have taken hold, what is my response?

In my willingness to PAUSE and consider this question,
I received an answer from Inner Wisdom:

“Mary, the LIGHT within you is stronger than the strength of all darkness.
You can call upon the LIGHT at any time. Keep your trust active in the LIGHT
that consumes all darkness rather than lingering in thoughts of darkness
that so easily grab your attention leading you astray
from the PEACE you have encountered and know is true.”

ONE DAY AFTER HEARING THIS I realized all the ways that
I am not living PEACE during the course of a typical day!
Yes, I am writing about it, talking about it, participating in gatherings supposedly about PEACE,
meditating on PEACE, but not truly living what I know is the truth.
Not as much as I want to be anyway!

So, I ask Inner Wisdom two questions that help me live in the truth:

1) “Is there another way to see this?”
2) “What would be truly helpful now?”

I want to practice trusting THIS TOTALITY of PEACE that I have experienced
over and over again and know beyond a shadow of a doubt TO BE REAL.

Living In The Truth Is A Practice

I want to live in the truth.
I pause to step back from clinging to darkness.
I stay vigilant to the ways that I fall prey to darkness thinking this is where my safety lies!

For example:

> Off-the-cuff interactions in relationships
> The tone of my voice or someone else
> Taking things personally
> Watching violent images over and over
> Getting drawn into divisiveness
> Not pausing
> Believing inner and outer dispiriting voices

Thankfully, it’s my choice to live in the
truth that resides in my True Self ~
I can Pause for my True Self
in any communication,
situation, &





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