Touching In – Pause Is My Yoga



Mary shares a recent personal experience showing
how Inspiration guides each of us
uniquely and very specifically.

Will we follow?

I heard within from my Inner Knowing, “PAUSE IS YOUR YOGA”. I knew this

was true the moment I received it. In one pause, we can access LOVE
wherever we are, whatever we are doing, and whomever we are with. PEACE
can seem so fleeting and beyond our reach, yet in one simple pause we can
receive assurance from every angle that the LOVE we may not even realize we
are seeking is WITHIN to help EVERYONE with EVERYTHING.

Why? So we can Love and encounter our True Nature.

Inspiration’s guidance dwells within our True Nature and is UNIQUE and
SPECIFIC FOR EACH OF US, clear and truly helpful. If I am simply willing to get
out of my own way and set aside what I think is “understanding”, I am showered
with wondrous experiences that open hearts to truly receiving This LOVE that heals
the isolation that haunts us and shadows every moment, but doesn’t have to.

Here’s My Experience
(nothing against Hatha yoga by the way!)
Have you ever felt as if you were guided to do something only to find out
during or after, that something didn’t feel right? I have signed up for five
Yoga Teacher Trainings! I end up leaving these trainings because the teaching
isn’t what I had hoped, the program is disorganized, or it’s wonderful, but I become physically ill.

So, I decided to PRACTICE Pause For Inspiration (by the way I did not practice
before deciding to sign up for any these trainings), but now that I am in a quandary, I
Pause for my Inner Wisdom and am clearly shown the central problem.

Yes, the central problem is that I chose to ignore, resist, push away, fight with, and
frankly, completely discount the incredibly valuable knowledge and practical direction
provided to me by This Knowing Within.

So, now I decide to use The Pause Practice. I pause, get out of my own way, listen
closely to the specific help shared by my Inner Teacher and I FOLLOW!
A quiet thought enters my receptive mind, “PAUSE IS YOUR YOGA”. I begin
RECEIVING specific inner direction on how to breathe and move my body
one movement at a time. I am MOVING IN THE PAUSE.

You can have your unique experience in following your
True Inner Wisdom!

I am ecstatic BECAUSE I am expressing my True Nature.

When I dismiss my True Nature and look for another answer,
initially I may feel happy, in charge of my life, even on the right path.
Eventually, I feel disconnected
I am barely breathing

WHAT DO YOU EXPERIENCE as you pause, get out of your own way, listen to the truly helpful Wisdom of your Inner Knowing, and follow?

When I pause, listen, and truly FOLLOW my Inner Teacher,

I begin slowly with lots of pausing because the

ego self wants to jump back in.

I call upon Inspiration for help with discerning

my cubicle self my Inspired Self.

As I trust, I follow, and as I follow, my trust in

Inner Wisdom increases.


JOY bubbles up on the inside.



Creating flows and I feel alive.

I laugh.

I move my body with ease in ways that are wise and healthy for me.

I am healing and extending healing.

I have a sense of purpose.

Life is meaningful BECAUSE I am being guided by MEANING ITSELF.

I am the Breath of Inspiration





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