Touching In – Did You Know?


Pause for Your Helpful Self
A PAUSE Book for Kids and Parents, too!

Have You Heard?
Kids of all ages
love the book:

“Pause for Your
Helpful Self…
Kids Can Pause
and Parents, too!”

Click the video link below to open the book
and explore the Kids Can Pause Practice.

Look inside and find “Happy”!

Here’s how the book has been helpful…

“One of my parents that met with you, Mary, was excited to use the book for her children.
She started using it with her 9-year-old son to help him regulate his emotions in a healthy way.
She has him write down two scenarios a day on how he used the Pause
to help with confrontation at school. It’s working she says!”
Shera Williams
Family Advocate
YWCA Head Start
Lewis & Clark

Order the book, SHARE, and READ it
with your kids, grandkids, friends,
and the parents you know.

Click on the card below to
Open, Save, Share, Print,
and Enlarge.

I Am Willing
to get to know
My Helpful Self
so I can help
and others.

Get the Kids can Pause Book and learn how to
Pause for Your Helpful Self….
at home, at school, and in Life!





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