Touching In – My Untold Story Shared


My Healing Journey began with a Pause
~ Shared by Natalie ~

Recently, I wrote a chapter in the book, Perfectly IMperfect,
which is now published! My chapter is titled, “The Best is Yet to Come”.
In my chapter I share how the Pause Practice helped me find true
healing from a traumatic childhood experience.

I’m sharing my chapter with you today….

The Best is Yet to Come

When I was eleven years old, I woke in the night to see the silhouette of a man in the doorway of my bedroom. As he approached my bedside, I noticed he was naked, and my mind became clouded with confusion, uncertainty, and fear. Frozen in place, unable to move, I longed to become invisible, a tiny speck. In an instant, I was trapped, held in place by what felt like a giant boulder. The assault that ensued that night was a complete betrayal of my trust by someone I knew and loved. It left me traumatized, and that trauma remained with me for years.

I’m finally sharing this story from my childhood, which has needed to be told for more than four decades. After avoiding and stuffing those memories down for so long, I’m ready to move forward free of the guilt and shame I’ve carried my whole life. This shame was never mine to carry….

Through Pausing, I began to perceive my past
in a new and Inspired way.

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