The Bugged Buggy Man

The Bugged Buggy Man



At the corner of Clark and Tucker in downtown St. Louis, here sits LaVerne “womaning” her water and nut stand before the St. Louis Cardinals home game. LaVerne and I have joined for healing; she is in Stage 4 cancer. I am guided to extend her healing by going through The 4 Decisions practice in my mind while laying my hands upon her wasting body. It’s a slow day at the nut stand when a “live” nut enters the scene. A wild looking man driving around on one of those cab-carts gets out of his buggy, grabs a bottle of water, throws it on the ground yelling out that the shape of the bottle doesn’t fit his water holder in his buggy. He growls at us and sneers as if that will summons a reaction. LaVerne expresses later that she was wondering what this crazy person might do. I am deeply immersed in Letting Inspiration Guide and he might as well be on Mars for all I care. I was in no way frightened or distracted by this buggy mind. He did not phase, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. I was having a tangible experience of Inspiration Within – which cannot be disturbed – in the midst of traffic, passersby and baseball festivities.
This man embodied distraction – the ridiculousness that leaks into our minds that we have a choice to value, or not. I have to thank him for showing me just how insane it is to place meaning on meaninglessness and then react.
About 30 minutes later he pulled up again and asked me if I needed a ride. Again, I was aware he was trying to get my attention. Clearly, he was lonely. The cubicle mind is alone. I looked right through him and beyond who he saw himself to be and said “No thanks.” I felt transparent. He paused. He took off on his buggy perhaps less involved with his bugged mind. Perhaps seeing in a way he had never seen or been seen before, or not. I was seeing clearly.
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  • Great post! Staying calm in the midst of buggyness. Not letting it bug you.

    November 30, 2014 at 2:57 AM

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