There Is Such a Thing

There Is Such a Thing

Chicken and vegetables wrapped in tortilla

Customer Service and the Pause


Moving through The 4 Decisions in my mind (I have it memorized – it’s easy with practice), I stroll into the healthy fast food restaurant on the corner. I place my order, which is a bit “off the menu” as I ask for some sliced avocado on the side as my usual. A blast of light shows up before me in the form of a woman who works behind the counter – wow joy! “Hi, how are you today? Good to see you,” she says. Our joy has met many times before which began with her inspiring me to share “The 4 Decisions” card with her and her fellow workers.  They were all already an Inspiration; talk about supreme customer service. It is unforeseen how placing the cards in their hands might bring inestimable amounts of Inspiration into the hearts and minds of many. So, even if someone appears to not even need Inspiration, that doesn’t stop me from sharing more as it is always good to have some extra on hand. She whispers something in the cashier’s ear. As I hand my cash over, the young girl looks up and smiles, saying, “Oh, your lunch is free today!”

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  • Karen Sinclair

    While I was reading this wonderful story, Mary, what came to mind was ordering many of your cards and distributing them while I’m out and about. I’ve already placed an order in the last couple of days and I’ll wait for that to be delivered before placing another. I also will see a way to make a donation to your wonderful efforts. Thank you.

    May 7, 2015 at 1:54 AM