Pause For Cardinals and Cancer

Pause For Cardinals and Cancer

Nothing stops this woman!


La Verne Holliday has been facing the challenges of cancer for 10 years. No matter what, La Verne finds the strength present in the Inner Pause to step out for Cardinal’s home baseball games as a vendor at the corner of Tucker and Clark in downtown St. Louis. A former well known jazz radio host, La Verne now finds herself selling water, cracker jack, and other goodies, all to make ends meet. She is a true inspiration to John and I and to other customers who pause long enough to see her, listen to her and in their own way extend a helping hand.


La Verne knows something about life that many of us don’t. She knows through direct experience the immense wherewithal available to us if we are willing to open to Inner Inspiration. La Verne’s presence caught our eyes and hearts the first time we met her all dressed up in red cheering on the Cardinals. She had a light about her, she knew this light in her and she was not afraid to share it! You get a lot more than baseball game munchies when you make a purchase from La Verne – you get a light!


This video is from the summer of 2014. La Verne’s health has declined significantly since then. Yet, when I called her the other day she was still wanting to get to her corner and as she says, “serve my customers,” oxygen tanks and all! So, some of us folks have been chipping in to help La Verne, with our time, money, and setting up and taking down her stand.


Would you like to help La Verne? Is there a “La Verne” where you live?


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