Angel “G” and How to See

Angel “G” and How to See

Thanks for angels walking alongside us on this earth! Such was my encounter on New Year’s Eve. The deli guy handed John and me a pound of turkey and as I was about to hand him a Pause 4Decisions card, his phone rang and I missed him! Moseying on, I paused in my mind and heard to place a Pause 4 Decisions card on the counter and he would find his New Year’s blessing when he turned around. So this I did!

No sooner did I turn the corner I heard a voice speak out, “I’d recognize that card anywhere.” I turned around and no one was there until a jolly character came from out of nowhere. I said, “The 4 Decisions card”? “Yes”, he said, “that green and white card”. “How do you know about The 4 Decisions” I asked. He went on to explain that he had a heart attack last July and the hospital where he received treatment uses the practice of Pause For Inspiration and The 4 Decisions as part of their program. I asked him if he found the practice helpful and he shared that he found The 4 Decisions to be calming and it helps him to connect to his Higher Power.

I thanked him for being my angel that evening as I needed a bit of Inspiration. He said, “Me, your angel”? “Yes, you my angel” I exclaimed. “I needed your presence and sharing. You are an answered prayer”! At that point we introduced ourselves and met up with John in the OJ aisle.

And there we were, the three of us, laughing in the Pause. We are one another’s angels ~ in the midst of everyday life ~ even right there in the grocery store.

Thankful I paused and shared the Pause card instead of thinking I had missed my opportunity. You see, and the practice of Pause For Inspiration is focused on seeing truly, there was a Bigger Plan that I was not aware of – Meeting Angel “G”.¬†Thank you, Angel “G”.


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