Safe, Healed and Whole

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Always come from the heart, for this will help you experience that you are safe, healed and whole. But what does it mean to always come from the heart? How does one feel safe, healed and whole in a turbulent world? The practice of Pause for Inspiration guides us to step back from inner and outer static so we can hear Inner Present Love teaching us the act of Self-forgiveness and loving one another. Have you noticed that you may not feel safe or comfortable in the presence of someone you are judging? Do you find yourself looking to others to make you feel worthy? Watch how anger fragments the heart and keeps your wholeness hidden from you, because anger is an obstacle to connecting to Inspiration Within. This is a live recording in St. Louis, Missouri in February 2017 of a message Mary was invited to give.

Following the message, Mary leads a guided meditation focused on resting into seeing another and yourself as safe, healed and whole.

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