Pause at the Gas Station

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Pause at the Gas Station

Have you ever gotten angry with a person or in an ordinary situation only to realize later that your anger was completely unrelated to that person or situation? I have!

Or maybe it seems our anger is justified, but then I ask myself, “Even if my anger seems justified, am I still carrying this anger around, and is it continuing to be hurtful to me – in my body, mind, heart and spirit? Anger is a human emotion and there are helpful programs for anger management. Although Pause is not an anger management program it can be a helpful addition in this area. In applying Pause, one can potentially receive healing help in seeing their self, another and a situation Another Way with their Inspired Mind.


Look at this PAUSE ADVENTURE I had TODAY! I stopped at a gas station I drive by on my way to work though I have never gone there before. The first gas pump kept stopping so I moved to a second. The second gas pump was not reading my credit card, so I ran into the store to tell the clerk who said she’d be out. She was busy, so I went to a third pump, and feeling irritated. The young girl came out to help, it started working, but stopped! Okay. So, I run back in the store, I asked for the phone number, so I could call the owner and let him know about his dysfunctional gas pumps. She took it personally and said she would tell him and she didn’t know the number! She told me I could “Google it!” What? I paused. I shared with her that I wasn’t going to complain about her, rather inform him of his gas pumps. She got sarcastic. I paused. I begin telling her about the Pause and the Practice cards we share with others so we can be helpful. A woman standing next to me reached out to the young girl, “Don’t be like that. There’s no reason to be combative.” A woman behind me asked, “Where can I get some of those cards?” “Me too” said the first woman. I went from potentially becoming angry with this young lady’s unhelpful attitude to having a meaningful moment with two strangers graciously accepting the Pause cards! The young lady turned them down.


In Practicing the Pause I didn’t “manage” my anger, rather My Helpful Self prevented the anger and arranged for a healing connection with two strangers! If I, Mary on my own, tried to manage my anger: 1) I probably would not have mentioned Pause because I wouldn’t be in the midst of Practicing the Pause; 2) I would not have had the healing connection with the two women; 3) I would not have been willing to see the young lady beyond her façade; 4) I would have left the gas station angry and ready to tell others not to do business there; and 5) MOST IMPORTANT I would not have seen my own me-character in this young lady and how totally absurd it is to not get out of our own way and all the unnecessary havoc it causes. I have been and can still be her! In the end I thank her for showing me in no uncertain terms the stark contrast between not Practicing Pause and Practicing Pause; the choice for division or the choice for healing.


If one is willing, the Pause Practice can help you blossom into all that is wonderful about you here and now!  Be on the lookout for next week’s article as we continue this conversation by asking the questions, “What is a common cause of anger?” and “How can the Pause Practice help?”

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