Stretching Beyond What Seems Impossible

Stretching Beyond What Seems Impossible

Pause is a practice in stretching beyond what seems impossible. Today I found my Self remembering Mark Madsen who moved beyond his disability by being willing to Pause and See Himself Another Way. Mark was a Professor of Voice and self-named Pause Ambassador.

After attending a Pause retreat weekend, Mark, living as a paraplegic after a car accident shared, “You were Inspiration’s instrument that was the impetus for me to live a much fuller life and sharing my light and gifts with others.” Mark and I recorded “Inspired To Be Truly Helpful” together in his music studio and even danced together at one of his concerts. He stretched himself! Sharing once to some of us, “As a paraplegic, to move in a group or as a couple – I want to do this more and I am feeling strongly inspired to making music with my computer. I would love to sing with you.”

Mark went on to teach, sing, perform and truly was one of the most enlightened people I have ever been graced to truly encounter.

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