LOVE’S Big Trampoline!

LOVE’S Big Trampoline!

Sometimes we can completely misinterpret what we are perceiving and feeling. I use the simple practice of Pause for Inspiration, “The 4 Decisions”, to turn my upside- down perceptions into right side-up perceptions. Have you ever felt in the dark about life? Why am I feeling this? Why is this happening? What’s going on? I imagine we have all experienced that place where life isn’t making sense. You may be “doing everything right and doing all the right things” – or not – and are left wanting to simply find some light in the dark. This is where The Pause Practice may come in handy. Watch this!


Have you ever experienced a kind of deep gnawing within yourself and you knew it wasn’t a Big Mac attack? For days I was having this experience; something within was trying to get my attention and I immediately interpreted that it must be something wrong! As a result of perceiving and labeling this experience as “something is wrong”, I began to feel a bunch of different emotions, all quite uncomfortable. The graphic words I  used was that it was like a gaping hole in my life; something was missing, and it was my duty to find out what it was and fill the gap! What happened here is that my me-character immediately jumped in, as it so often does, to examine, analyze and interpret my experience, followed by possible “solutions”.


A friend is someone who listens. A friend and I met up and we were both having this similar experience. This is no surprise as this is in fact, a common me-character experience – a sense of emptiness that seemingly cannot be filled. We chose to truly pause with one another, listen without judgment and open to receiving help from INSPIRATION’S PEACE, always present in the pause. Later that afternoon I had an Ah-Ha moment.


Here is the Ah-Ha. What my me-character was telling me was a gaping hole in need of upset and immediate repair, was in fact an invitation to get out of my own way of thinking I know what is “wrong” and that I know how to fix it, and instead, trust the PEACE in the PAUSE and dive deeper. In that moment, I dived into what I can only call The Great Abyss, this PAUSE of PEACE. What my-me was calling a gaping hole, was actually uncharted territory – an opportunity for helpful change and newfound sight. Another dive, another opportunity to pause and step back from this me-character’s deceptions and misperceptions and its string of gaping holes that I must fill, and instead press on with the fierce adventure of a life lived within a bigger LIFE, calling us all to Pause for One Another. 


Here is the Bounce Back. Remember the upside-down perceptions we can have of life? Guess what right side-up perception I received while pausing? What I was labeling a gaping hole was in fact, a trampoline! I saw in my mind, LOVES BIG TRAMPOLINE – VAST and SECURE, so that no matter where or how I landed, I was being BOUNCED BACK. What was weighing me down – the deceptive wiles of this me –  was lifted and I experienced a true sense of relief, renewal, and being re-energized going forward.

  • Jennifer

    Please send me the new posts
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    August 31, 2018 at 1:37 PM
  • karen sinclair

    Beautiful post! I have a huge for me Bellicon trampoline and this inspired me to start this up again. Perhaps every jump could be alongside another loving affirmation or loving thought about another person or even myself. Thanks for posting this. Bounce on!

    July 4, 2018 at 7:08 AM

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