Pause For A Fierce Adventure

Pause For A Fierce Adventure

Did you ever start something and realize that had you known where it was going to lead you may have never started? It’s a good thing we human beings don’t know much. Truly, there is so much we don’t know! Had I known the expansion, challenges, deep dives and mountainous terrain I’d be trekking in sharing The Pause for Inspiration Practice with the world and running our nonprofit, I am fairly sure I would not have spread my wings and took flight!

Had I known what I was getting into meaning the extent to which I was going to have to look myself in the mirror every day and ask, “Mary, are you going to hang on to the past, not forgive, remain the victim, blame, shame and hang on to petty judgments OR am I going to step back from DOING IT MY WAY and PAUSE FOR ANOTHER WAY?


We are all called to go beyond what we imagine is possible for us; whether or not we choose to answer the call is up to each person. No one is present on this earth who does not have a Higher Calling! What is your Higher Calling? How about your Helpful Self? We are called to learn, take on a challenge, burst the bubble, climb out of our shell, crawl out of our comfort zone, and live a life in the service of LOVE – which is all possible by connecting with your Helpful Self.


One of the fiercest adventures I find myself on is the constant need to let this Higher Calling – Helpful Self – Help me from the inside out. First, you have to recognize you could use help, then be willing to Pause for Help. Second, you have to be willing to get out of your own way – this is the hardest step, so if are willing, you’re busting the borders – good job! Third, is being willing to ask your Helpful Self within for help. I won’t lie, this can be scary because you may feel like you’re having to give up your cherished stance, but your sense of sacrifice will be replaced with what I call the Vast View which is your Higher Calling. Trust the hand of your Helpful Self that you can hold through this walk. Fourth, you have to be willing to follow the Wisdom and Love of this guiding hand even when you don’t understand, are not sure where it’s leading and want to run in the opposite direction back to your old patterns of thinking, saying and doing. PAUSE.


Life experiences can lead us to wondering and filled with doubts and questions AND this is a good thing! I am learning that doubts and questions create bridges, connections and possibilities. When we see them as roadblocks, we wash out the bridges that are meant to carry us over the raging waters and even bubbling brooks. We disconnect before we even connect. We miss out on what seems impossible for our lives and devalue ourselves. Decades ago I had a desire to someday work for a nonprofit; each team member doing their part helping people experience the deeper potential of who they are truly, a tangible connection to the light in others and to a Higher Calling, helping us along the way through an ordinary day. It seemed a distant impossible dream – I had no money, no connections, knew no one with a similar interest, the help wanted ads had no such job, I was a fearful person and I had student loan debt! Ten years later the book, Pause for Inspiration, showed up in my mind while eating lunch! Then we formed a nonprofit. Help has shown up through many people in ways I never imagined AND I do the necessary daily work on the ground to run our organization and share The Pause Practice with people of all walks of life. Most importantly, I am willing practice Pause for Inspiration through it all.


The Pause Practice is a gentle way to move from fear to LOVE. The Pause Practice is a fierce adventure . You are worthy of nothing less. 

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