People Are Worth A Pause!

People Are Worth A Pause!

Today began as any typical morning, but then the phone rang! Now, I had a full agenda ahead, butttttttttt sometimes we are moved in a different direction than planned and it is wiser to go with the flow – today is one of those days.

I see a missed call on my phone, but no message. Instead of ignoring it, I pause, and hear within to call this person back. As soon as he answers the phone, I can hear he sounds stressed. Clearly, he needs someone to talk with, to vent his worries and simply listen. I had this exact experience yesterday with a friend who called to see how I was doing, but I heard an uncertain sound in her voice, so I knew something was up – I listened, encouraged her to be safe and take care of herself, and I called her back later to check in.


No matter how in a hurry, how busy, how this and that we are, we can bring peace of mind to one another through a simple pause. On the way to work I stopped to pick up my lunch and as the café owner was suggesting what smoothie would be good for me, I saw the fatigue and stress on her face. Instead of cutting the conversation short, I sat down a few minutes with her to hear her thoughts on wellness. I found myself simply pausing to be present with her as she shared her expertise. She was enjoying someone listening to her valuable knowledge and I received the help she was giving. Within a few minutes we had helped one another and had smiles on our faces. That’s another way to Pause for People – RECEIVE the love, wisdom and peace they are extending.


Pausing for People works in business too! No sooner do I land at my desk, I had to call someone for what I thought would be a quick conversation – nope. He too was having a rough day struggling in his communication with a business liaison who was not doing what they said they were going to do, so I listened. Something I noticed is that when I Truly Pause, the other person feels Truly Heard and I feel Truly Helpful. Something about being Truly Present with another – upset can give way to calm; conflict can fall away, and solutions come to light. With a lighthearted voice I suggested we pause together and open to the Inner Wisdom our Inspired Minds and see all parties involved opening to their Inspired Minds – he agreed. We hung up and he called back within two minutes sharing that the situation was resolved!


Pausing for one another heals the experience of disconnection that so many of us are experiencing in this chaotic world and in one’s disjointed mind. I open up my lunch and you got it, the phone rings! I pocket-called someone and it was clearly no accident. This was a person I rarely connect with, but occasionally run into at the grocery store. After realizing it was a pocket-call, I was ready to say sorry and goodbye, but the words from his mouth were, “I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.” He went on to name the several challenging situations all happening at once. In the pause I was able to hear what to say and what not to say; I am steered away from clichés as my Helpful Self leads with wise words, timely pauses, and encouraging and inspiring thoughts to share. He expresses gratitude, “This clearly was no accident that you pocket-called me. I feel much better.” People are worth a Pause!





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