It’s Alright to Pause

It’s Alright to Pause

We live in a green light world. One of the main messages is to GO. We are told by others or we tell ourselves to keep going, go faster, you go, way to go, go here, go there, go now . . . go, go, go, go, go. I am suggesting today to PAUSE FROM GOING. The world isn’t going to fall apart if I pause, if you pause. It’s all right to Pause. Not only is it all right to Pause, it is highly necessary to Pause. To not Pause is to get in one’s own way, to rule your own show, follow a crowd that is not your crowd and make decisions under stress. Decisions made in the state of stress cause more stress!


Why the fear of taking a pause? I find that the more I don’t Practice the Pause, the more likely I will not Practice the Pause in the future. Not pausing becomes a vicious cycle, a way of life and frankly something our culture seems to value. It is a challenge to move against the grain, to Pause in a nonstop world, to do things differently, to not go with the status quo, to not agree with the way everyone else is doing it, to not follow the crowd; it is a challenge to truly be willing to BE INSPIRED. In my experience BEING INSPIRED requires pausing from going and going. The fear of pausing is that if I pause, I might miss out on something, something that needs to be done might not get done, and the main fear is that I will have to notice my fear-based thoughts that are driving my not pausing!


The more we don’t pause, the more fear we are making for ourselves. The more we are unwilling to pause and look at the fear running our lives, simple decisions, and daily choices, the more fear will build up on the inside. The more fear that builds up, the more uncomfortable we become with who we are and the lives we are living.


How do we know we are fearful? Fear can give rise to anxiety, depression, impulsive behavior, anger, guilt, yelling, fighting, jealousy, telling lies, cheating, stealing, name-calling, irritation, frustration, fatigue, suspiciousness, loneliness, gossip, on and on. Fear can lead us to say and do things we later regret. Fear effects our ability to learn, our job performance, our relationships with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and even your relationship with yourself. Fear causes poor decisions and unhelpful choices in daily life. We always have a choice to pause instead.


Today I am going to help myself and you pause. We can pause together. Read the following aloud to yourself:

I am willing to choose to pause, be in the pause and move in the pause.

As I pause, I begin a domino effect of the pause; extending the pause to untold others.

I don’t need a special place to pause.

I pause where I find myself and I find my True Self in the pause.

I pause for as long as I like; wherever I am, whatever I am doing and

whomever I am with. Relish the pause. Relinquish the fear. Receive the Help you Need!

It’s All Right to Pause.

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  • Karen Sinclair

    Beautiful blog thank you.

    August 14, 2018 at 6:15 PM

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