Pause…Hiding Behind the Moment?

Pause…Hiding Behind the Moment?

Pause for the moment. I can’t say it enough. My favorite month is October so here I am pausing for October before it disappears the way September did! Did September actually happen or did some wayward elf sneak off with it with nothing better to do until December? Hmm.


In the Pause here and now – today, I am seeing more than ever the value of every moment, hence the value of The Pause Practice. I cannot value a moment that I am oblivious of, rushing through, throwing back to the universe because I don’t like this moment or wishing was over and done.


Life is a series of moments. How is your moment going? Upon first thought – without stepping back to get out of my own habitual way of thinking – I may think the idea of pausing for the day’s moments to be good idea, but the thought of actually practicing such a thing during a typical day seems absurd because it seems impossible! Who can do this? I am willing to ask My Helpful Self, (the LOVE in me) “Isn’t it asking too much to pause and be present to the moments of the day? After all, I have a lot of demands on my time.” My Helpful Self responds, “It is as impossible as you want it to be!” Hmm. Wise guy.


So, My Helpful Self is leaving it up to me as to how I want to see. If I want to see something that holds the potential to be enormously helpful as being absurd or of no use, I am free to do that. In fact, My Helpful Self is saying that to the extent I see pausing through life’s moments as too difficult to practice, then I will forego the many benefits of Practicing Pause. “Oh,” says My Helpful Self, “One of the main benefits is being happy.”


Have you ever noticed yourself acting upset or down on the outside, but as you pause and observe your mind, just behind the thin veil of feeling down, you are aware of a part of you that is happy, peaceful and fine? The more I Practice the Pause, the more I am becoming aware of this part of me that is relaxed, calm and happy. That my friends, is My Helpful Self and you have one too! It is the LOVE in you.


It’s wild! I recommend Practicing the Pause and staying open to this WHOLE other part of you that is enjoying the moment. The Helpful Self is always in joy, peace, calm, and dropping the criticism of self and others. I challenge you this coming week to Pause, Step Back from habitual ways of thinking and behaving that are dragging you down, Step Aside to welcome Your Helpful Self into your mind and Let Your Helpful Self Guide you into happy thoughts and calm behavior. There at your fingertips, just a glance away is Your Helpful Self – that truly is a Wise Guy!


Recently, I wasn’t feeling well and had on my sick face – you know the one; that’s okay, sometimes we’re not up to anything better! As I was saying my hellos and I’m fines to people, I noticed this Happy Girl on the inside wanting to leap out, smile and enjoy the moment even though I had a lot on my mind. I saw I had a choice. That pause was a moment of freedom because I saw I don’t have to hide who I truly am.

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