Annual Day of LOVE – Roosevelt High School

Annual Day of LOVE – Roosevelt High School

The Mentor Within told me 16 years ago, “Speak to the crowd.” Why sit back? Go forth, be with, share the light and see the light within others. If people won’t come to the LOVE, I am trekking out with LOVE to Love the people! LOVE? What’s that? LOVE is saying “Yes” to the JOY intrinsically available in the moment. Roosevelt High School invited PAUSE to participate in the LOVE! Laughter, playfulness, community, conversation, fun and good old hanging out! Gotta love it.


An unusually cold May spring day, Lisa, Pause Helper, and I bundled up and met up at Roosevelt High School in the south city of St. Louis, Missouri excited to share the LOVE, and so we did! We got our PAUSE table with the full spread of our free PAUSE PRACTICE materials set-up and ready to go. Initially, we were not getting a crowd of folks around our table, well honestly, no one was coming to our bright, colorful table loaded with free goodies!!! What’s going on????? Hmm. We didn’t bring candy. After 45 minutes, I thought if the people won’t come to the LOVE, LOVE is going to the people.


I loaded up my hands and pockets with the PAUSE and headed out into the crowd.  Instead of fretting about no one checking out our Pause table, I took the Pause into my own hands, literally, and moseyed around the open air festivities. The teachers and students were very inquisitive about Pause and totally willing to receive the “Pause For Your Helpful Self” Practice cards and books. Our conversations were down to earth and mutually educational and  inspiring. 


One teen immediately rejected the Pause materials because she said she has tried everything and nothing works. She has meditated, read books . . . As I listened to her, she shared that she dealt with depression and anxiety and nothing was helping. I began to share my story with her and she listened intently and began to smile. Now arm in arm we waltzed – well kind of – over to the Pause table. She picked up the Pause yellow book, perused inside and thrillingly asked, “I can have this?” “Yes, it’s yours for free,” Lisa replied. Her smile and alive energy were contagious. We took a fun photo together (not shown) after she insisted she was too ugly to be in a photo; and this young girl was astoundingly beautiful inside and out … she glowed from within. I will always remember her because of the LOVE that brought us together. 


Initially that day I wasn’t sure why I was present at this event, but after being with this young girl I heard within, “Mary,  you were there to be with her.” Sometimes we are just supposed to show up!



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