Teacher Blazing A Pause Trail To The Moon

Teacher Blazing A Pause Trail To The Moon


National Outstanding Educator and Project Green Tree Trailblazing Teacher, Kathy Rusert, is blazing a trail teaching students, parents and teachers the practice of “Pause For Your Helpful Self”. Ms. Rusert is using our new book, Kids Can Pause and Parents Too! Get to Know Your Helpful Self and the Kids Can Pause, Parents Can Pause and Teachers Can Pause Practices. We are deeply grateful for Ms. Rusert, retired teacher, who is far from retired! She is putting her Inspired Mind to use in never ending ways and her heart to inspire and expand the minds of the kids, parents and teachers with so many unique approaches is amazing to say the least!


Kathy shares, “With this being the 50th anniversary for the Moon landing, I have been busy teaching NASA workshops (even in Roswell, NM!).  PAUSE strategy strengthens teaching folks to step back, be silent, and enjoy the world around us, so I spend about 30 minutes or more teaching a mini-lesson on PAUSE. The library programs this summer are  themed around the universe, so kids are also learning to PAUSE with the Apollo programming. I’m also scheduled to do a school workshop for Waldron Public Schools . . . it is a Project Wild Workshop (8 hours) but I plan on about an hour for PAUSE.  These will be teachers and administrators.” 


She taught workshops in 2017 on the Solar Eclipse for students AND parents.  “Not only will the science supporting the eclipse be included, but also sun danger awareness and benefits from the sun’s energy (light/heat/photosynthesis…) The strategy of pausing, step back, aside, and receiving inspiration from this natural event will be taught to reinforce the importance of seeing the “big picture.” AND LOTS MORE!!!


Pause For Inspiration provides our new book for free, as we are able, to schools, community organizations serving children and parents, and proactive individuals who work to get them to people and into places who will make good use of them. Our revised second edition (5,500 free copies of the first edition have already gone out the door ) includes a TEACHERS CAN PAUSE page including the Pause Practice Card specifically created to help teachers in and out of the classroom.


Thank you Kathy Rusert for sharing these pics that OPEN MY HEART and for INSPIRING THE PAUSE CREW and TRAIL BLAZERS EVERYWHERE TO KEEP ON BLAZING! (Your Helpful Self IS a Trail Blazer in everyday life . . . try the Pause!)


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